Chinese women mold their naked breast into heart shape and snap them to post online - Yawadeyonline

There's a body challenge craze currently sweeping through China. The challenge sees women making heart shapes with their breasts then taking photos of it to share online.
The trending challenge has gathered nearly two million clicks on China's Twitter-like social platform, Weibo and has now become a trend. The challenge named "heart-shaped breast challenge" started earlier this week when a live-stream hostess started the craze to attract more fans.
Some web users have said only buxom women could compete in the challenge, so it's kind of already becoming a display of how endowed you are.
"To be honest, women with small breasts cannot squeeze out a heart shape," said one person said on Weibo.
Men have also joined in on the challenge to add humour to it. It's understood that some of the pictures have been removed by the Chinese online censors as they have been deemed too risque. 
See more photos below.

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